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Blizzard Blues with more info about legendary items not being tied to a specific level

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Vaeflare provided some new info while expounding on the item changes coming to Diablo III, either in patch 1.0.8 or further down the road. The upcoming changes to items will allow high level Legendaries to drop at lower levels, as well as low-level Legendaries at higher levels. It sounds as though the Legendaries won't have "base stats" any more, so much as a scale for all their stats. Most likely the level of the creature that drops a Legendary, will control the range that the stats can roll for that specific copy. So we could see high level versions of a Legendary like Broken Crown, and low-level versions of Legendaries like Lacuni Prowlers, Mempo of Twilight, or Echoing Fury, or Set items like Inna's Temperance. While these might not literally drop at all levels, they'll drop across a broad level range, instead of being tied to a single level like they are right now.

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Low Level Mob Density
A player asked about getting some changes for characters who are leveling up, and not just additions at level 60; he wondered about increasing mob density for lower level areas.
We’re fairly satisfied where the with the overall mob density in Act 3, and the mob density changes we’re currently working on will apply to Acts 1, 2, and 4 of Inferno difficulty only.

Posted by: Kain

Some people actually like leveling characters that aren't end game, how about some love for them?

That’s one of the reasons we added the Monster Power system: it allows players to further tune how challenging enemies are in each difficulty setting, regardless of level. Also when Travis Day spoke about allowing Legendary items to scale up in our recent Developer Journal: Itemization Update, that means they will be able to drop at lower levels too. We’ll be looking not only at letting low-level Legendaries drop at higher levels, but we’ll also be allowing higher level Legendaries to drop at lower levels. In addition, the targeted drops we mentioned in the Itemization Update are intended to improve the level up game as well.

Below are some specific examples we’re considering which we feel will benefit all players, regardless of level:

  • One idea that we have discussed is “targeted Legendaries,” where named NPCs have an increased chance of dropping specific legendary items. For example, The Butcher could have an increased chance of dropping The Butcher's Carver.
  • Another idea is that we introduce a system that will help alleviate some of the bad randomness players encounter by ensuring that at least some of the Rare and Legendary items you find will be something good for your class.
  • We've also discussed allowing bosses the first time you kill them in each difficulty to have a guaranteed chance to drop a Legendary.
  • Will there be more concrete information on what is included in the patch anytime soon. All the things mentioned
    Developer Journal: Itemization Update,
    are really cool but when will we know everything in the patch so we don't get our hopes up. :)

    We're currently working on patch 1.0.8, and as part of that process, we're still busy determining what will make it into the final patch. Once we get closer, however, we'll be posting more discrete details. :)

    Quest Experience at Level 60
    Another change in the works is having quests give experience at level 60, to count towards the Paragon Level.
    So I've been farming act 3 for some time now and I havn't gotten anything worth selling on the auction house yet. As you could imagine I'm getting bored of act 3. Is act 1 and 2 really THAT much worse than act 3 when it comes to how good the items are or whatnot? I'd like some variety but I keep hearing that act 1 and 2 are complete [Removed] to farm.

    Confirm or deny?

    We're fairly satisfied where the with the overall mob density in Act 3, and we're currently working on some mob density changes for Acts 1, 2, and 4 of Inferno difficulty that should make them more appealing. So in the future, you should have the opportunity to try your hand at the other Acts and hopefully you can find even more farming routes you groove with.

    That said, one of the additional improvements we're hoping to make is to make it so that XP from quests would be granted to players that are at level cap. Every little bit helps, after all. :)

    Improving Group Play
    Wyatt Cheng gave more thoughts about improving co-op play in the game, which he previously stated was a "big focus" for patch 1.0.8.
    Lots of good comments here! Just a few quick points

    1. As a point of clarification, "dropping less loot on the ground" is not slated for 1.0.8. It's part of our general philosophy for beyond the 1.0.8 timeframe.

    2. I really like the suggestions that don't make multiplayer feel mandatory. Suggestions along the lines of "I don't want to feel penalized for playing with my friends" or "provide a small bonus to overcome the logistical overhead" are in the scope of what we're thinking.

    3. We totally see the appeal of having more than 4 players in a game, but it has its downsides, and the big one is that the screen becomes so crowded you can't tell what's going on. It's important that a player can discern important information from the game world and make tactical decisions based on this information. We know some of you may disagree and you'll always want 8 players, and I can respect that. This is something we've debated heavily though, and feel strongly about.

    4. We've discussed the "leecher" problem. Nothing to share yet but it's definitely rough when it happens.

    Thanks for all the great discussion thus far!

    Community Manager Roles
    Finally, Lylirra continued the discussion about the role of Blizzard's Community Managers, and how they differ from developers in their interaction with the players.
    Posted by: Sÿlak

    I'm guessing that you are a player. I'm also guessing that when you play the game, you think to yourself, "WOW! The community is right! This _______(insert issue) is completely messed up" and you let the devs know about it.

    Sure. There are times when I'm playing and I don't totally agree with or understand why a specific mechanic works the way it does, or I think it can be improved, and I'll hit up the developers about it. We talk a lot, about a lot of different things, and it comes up. Sometimes it's about things I've seen other players post on, so the conversation gets framed that way, and sometimes it's just a personal/trivial thing (like why can't I dye my fem barb's hair or how come the UI for comparing a two-handed weapon against two one-handers isn't all that intuitive).

    We don't just relay the concerns we agree with personally, though. If the community has feedback that's constructive, well-intentioned, and reflects what appears to be a relevant portion of the players base, we make sure that feedback gets to the right place.

    Posted by: Sÿlak

    Some of your posts have the "middle man" feel about them. Like you are on the outside trying to bring the players together with the developers. A non-player. *shrug*

    I'm both an advocate for the player and one for the developers. So, I'm kind of in the middle, and I'm kind of always working to bring the players and the developers together. You're right. (There's totally a reason I chose Auriel as my avatar.)

    In a way, I guess that makes me somewhat neutral? But only because it helps keep things on track. It in no way dampens my energy or love for the game. I mean, I wouldn't be here -- and I don't think you would be, or our developers would be either -- if I wasn't passionate about D3.

    Bob #1, the Consultant: So what is it you do around here?
    Lylirra: I'M A PEOPLE PERSON

    I am good at dealing with people!
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