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[Resolved!] PC freezes and makes buzzing sound on start.(1)Category: Technical SupportAugust-29-2016 8:42 AM PDT (2 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
My game always worked correctly until I recently had to reset my pc. Now, when I start Diablo 3 on the screen where it authenticates me, my pc juste freezes and begins making a buzzing sound.
Is there any solution ? I would like to finish Diablo 3 !
Yours sincerely,
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PC freezes and makes buzzing sound on start.(3)August-29-2016 9:10 AM PDT (2 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post

We didn't have a patch today but if you updated to the latest Windows 10 Anniversary build that could cause a conflict if the drivers are not updated or XboxDVR is running. For more information on this subject check out our sticky post Here.

If that isn't the case try reviewing our Diablo III Lockups and Crash Error article Here.

If the issue continues. I would recommend to collect your system files(MSinfo and Dxdiag), copy down the troubleshooting you already have done and report the issue to our Customer Service Team Here for review.
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