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Having trouble with the latest update.(1)Category: Technical SupportAugust-4-2016 5:21 AM PDT (1 year ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Hi, I have tried to do the latest update but I am getting a message in the scanning part saying "Looks like there is a problem with your game" the scan then continues to continue looping. Can you please help?
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Having trouble with the latest update.(3)August-4-2016 7:24 AM PDT (1 year ago) Go to Blizzard forum post

If Diablo III is stuck in a loop of scan and repair this could be related to a permissions issue. Try the following:

- Goto the Battle.net Desktop app -> Diablo III tab -> Options -> Show in Explorer
- Select the Diablo III folder -> Data
- Delete: Indices
- Exit the Battle.net Desktop app and right click on the Battle.net Desktop app to run as administrator.
- Run the Scan and Repair one last time.

The steps by SilverFox can help if the issue continues.
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